Does a Compromised Barrier Age Skin Faster?

Does a Compromised Barrier Age Skin Faster?

Compromised barriers can create a lot of challenges and one of those is accelerated aging!   Dryness, sensitivities, irritation and redness are a few other concerns with compromised barriers.  


Physiology of Skin


The skin is broken down into two main layers – the dermis and the epidermis.  The dermis, also known as the “live” or inner layer of the skin, has a life role of protecting the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.  The dermis is responsible for the generation of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and many other valuable resources responsible for healthy skin.


The epidermis ensures the integrity of the skin and the overall skin health.  This layer helps block UV rays from damaging cells, protects against bacteria, infection, toxins, and pollution.  If this layer is damaged due to overuse of prescription-strength topicals, medications, aggressive treatments or over-exfoliation, the skin is vulnerable to damage and aging!


Contributing Factors to Aging


The epidermis of a compromised skin is experiencing dryness, flaking, irritation, and inflammation.  This causes the dermis to work overtime in sending resources, including collagen and elastin, up to the epidermis to help repair and protect it.   When we are aging our dermis is declining in its resources as a natural part of aging and now with a compromised barrier (epidermis) it is declining faster which will cause the skin to age much quicker.  


In treating a compromised skin, you can see how it is extremely important to work with the skin from the inside, out.  We want to build and rebuild resources at the dermal layer to ensure healthy beautiful skin.  Ensuring the skin has the additional resources needed by the dermis to avoid depletion, rebuild, and maintain overall skin health. 


How to Slow Down Aging?


Vitamin A is a key ingredient to strengthen the skin from the inside, out and slow down aging as well as decrease skin sensitivities.  Our Compromised Barrier Philosophy focuses on three key areas – Strengthening the Dermis, Rebuilding the Epidermis, and Restoring Lipids and Hydration. 


By incorporating key ingredients like pyruvic acid and encapsulated retinaldehyde (the best Vitamin A), skin receives the nutrients needed to optimize cellular energy, and produce collagen and elastin.  Antioxidants and epidermal growth factors assist in defending the skin against free radical damage and creating strong, healthy skin cells.  Nourishing organic oils and omega essential fatty acids help reduce TEWL and repair the barrier function of the skin. 

Incorporating a synergistic home care regimen that addresses each piece of our Compromised Barrier Philosophy, along with these valuable ingredients will not only help repair and restore a healthy skin barrier but reduce the signs and impacts of aging.  Get started on slow down how  your skin ages today!

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