Treatment Approach

Restoring the barrier function is necessary and will result in healthy, functioning skin. Incorporating a 90 day treatment plan that includes facials, peels, and nourishing home care is the optimal approach where we target the following:

  • Strengthen Dermis
  • Rebuild Epidermis
  • Restore Lipids & Hydration

Home care is a must have in any compromised barrier treatment plan and can be customized for each client. Incorporate products that use ingredients like encapsulated retinaldehyde and epidermal growth factors to strengthen the dermis and rebuild the epidermis. Serums rich in nourishing oils will restore lips and hydration and offer much needed relief from dryness.

Corrective facials are another great way to achieve results for compromised skin. Gentle enzymes and rejuvenating mandelic acid offer effective exfoliation, while strengthening serums, soothing masks, and nourishing finishers rebuild and restore the barrier.

Even compromised barriers can benefit from a peel! Gentle hibiscus extracts and vitamin A work together to gently exfoliate and repair the barrier. In addition, Post Care while peeling and healing is necessary and will further restore proper barrier function. To learn more about post care, check out our “Skin Rehab” concept. Skin Rehab